Implementing the urban food–water–energy nexus through urban laboratories: a systematic literature review

The security of food, water and energy resources are critical for achieving sustainable development goals. In this paper, the current food-water-energy nexus (FWE) literature at the urban level is examined for approaches to operationalize sustainability solutions for implementation. The role of participatory approaches in developing local…


How sustainable is your beer?

Barry Ness and Darin Wahl from our GLOCULL-project collaborating with Brygghuset Finn Brewery to test new ways to make the production of beer more sustainable. Here is a link for more information:



The Glocabulary presents GLOCULL-key-concepts and a description on the interpretation of the concept in the context of GLOCULL and provides a working definition of each concept. The latter implies that these definitions are formulated within the GLOCULL project’s context, and they should be instrumental in better…


Kick-off-Meeting in Maastricht

16.-18. Mai 2018 Die Herausforderungen in den Bereichen Ernährung, Wasser und Energie sind lokal und global miteinander verbunden. Für die lokalen Akteure, einschließlich der Städte, ist es schwer vorherzusehen, ob Lösungen für ein Problem im FWE-Nexus sowohl auf lokaler als auch auf globaler Ebene nachhaltig sind.…


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